the rose petals

  • Untitled…


    I. Still dark waters Shares a part of the stillness in our worlds Only the leaps of the water beasts Fit the nonstop thudding of the chests Rotten leaves drop endlessly As I walk through the path fearlessly Hunting for a sign, any sign a blind squirrel on my paths Or a motley rainbow in […]

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  • In the Mega City

    In the Mega City

    The beaming sunlight touched their tired faces. Staring at the mundane life passing by without hope or luxury. My wares lie neglected and dejected The waft of aromatic food meant nothing to me Yet they were once part of my memory When beads of perspiration meant The sale of the day and the journey ended […]

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  • The Passage

    The Passage

    on nights spirits fail reaper in the collapsing house hungry eager to drink from the tears of mortals on nights wailers wail misery grinning at the living fury in blood puddles of slaughtered animals on nights ghosts travel I know the abode of wandering souls stray where wanderings seem unceasing do the dead walk in […]

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  • Bye 2020

    Bye 2020

    As the year 2020 started, people made resolutions and had things laid down to be accomplished, I had plans too.  Link ups Meeting people is one of the things I still dread, because I already have parting envisioned before connecting. It is difficult when you meet people who are not so up to your expectations. […]

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  • The Deafening Silence

    The Deafening Silence

    Tears well up in her eyes the images flashing back in the big house with uninhabited rooms Habouring huge iron pots Piles of wooden spoons, sticks and loads of clothes aging clothes resonating the scent of nostalgia the grass wilted in the sight of the swamp beyond and no chirping of birds in the loud […]

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  • Where the Sand is Red…

    Where the tree branches are wide In a faraway land where the sands are red Enough for men to take naps where animals make their homes  where strangers are no longer strangers and wanderers wander no more We screw up our faces seeing strangers  Two moons back A young lady visited the neighborhood Luring lads and […]

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  • 2019 Recap: Gratitude

    2019 Recap: Gratitude

    Not all classrooms have four walls! Life is generally a learning space and it’s no classroom. 2019 came with a whole wheel of emotions, not-too good decisions, achievements, NSYC (Feyi said it’s a ghetto), more writings, some good money was made. In all I made and lost more friends than before.  Here are the highlights […]

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  • Bustle From the Past.

    Bustle From the Past.

    Image: Thomas Colle I’d rather not be in a bug infested room spilt milk on the rugs black cats meowing. Rocking to a sad, sad music Filthy mice with moldy crumbs from dark crevices Reliving the bustle of her past. I’d rather not wander the streets Lost in thoughts Shuffling shriveled feet Scavenging for leftovers […]

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  • In Your Dreams

    In Your Dreams

    Is reality too scary for you?Or you prefer to haunt in the dreams Last night i saw you lurking in the dark of my soulThe path I fear to treadWhere I’ve been preyed onYou were there; waiting, watchingLike a predator, to pounce on my unwilling heart You’ve always been here and thereAlways moving not stoppingNow […]

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  • Untitled II

    Why do we love people that cannot be ours who give perfect butterflies in the stomachs with hearts gone icy deliberately. Why still love the one that broke him the one who dragged him down hell bound roads Illusion of what he thought he needed But she was just another lie. Those in search of […]

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  • God’s marks!

    God’s marks!

    The scariest moment is two nights before I bleed The more I dread the moment The more I lose control of it On days when I think I’ve mastered hormones Are when I lash, latching on to the tiniest attention. How do I handle this frail failing body? that fails me with recurring aches Just […]

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  • Sweet Sour Love II

    Sweet Sour Love II

    Tastes creamy on tongues that were once burned But quick tingles on her livid soul, Sweet love! It’s a strange taste, an unfamiliar emotion Eating away her whole being Gifting her a new form; a fragile soul in the memory, once deadened hate sprouts, its blackened roots spreading Swift hate It will cease reaching out […]

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  • Sweet sour love

    a hold of the present that has one cocooned In misery masked as love Pained pleasure disguised as affection the present trapping those boxes of the past the little tinker boxes housing sweet faded memories just sweetness and innocence. the boxes needed to be opened Yesterday as the perfect human hurried to kiss the next […]

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  • What are you afraid of?

    I.I’m not scared of terrors of the nightThe growling ghost under my creaking bedThe dark form in my shadowsI’m not afraid of the river that calls my name at the break of dawnAnd beckons with glistening ripples at sunsetNot the lonely path maami sends me to fetch morning water The path of my childhood with […]

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  • wilted.


    a hold of the presentthat has her cocoonedIn misery masked as lovePained pleasure disguised as affection the presenttrapping those boxes of the pastthe little tinker boxeshousing sweet faded memoriesjust sweetness and innocence. the boxes needed to be openedYesterday as the perfect humanhurried to kiss the next lipsburying his head in another’s thighsSucking out her cookie […]

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  • Strangers in the Land

    Strangers in the Land

    When the living solves the riddles of the dead and restless spirits flutter the space like fireflies in the dead of the night, the merging of two worlds and the constellations begin. As two unfriendly worlds collide, so Aja villagers welcome strangers every fortnight whose entrance is often heralded with claps of thunderstorms and lightning.The […]

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  • The Meeting

    The Meeting

    Bruised, broken, unstable was what she saw in him the first time she set eyes on him. She was certain people who saw him did not see what she saw. He looked sharp in his crispy white shirt and black pants. He is a man seeking care and attention. Man? She is certain he is. […]

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