I want to go home but I’m afraid I don’t know where home is anymore
Few years ago it was where I used to live
Played and slept in
Laughed at mundane jokes
Dreamt scary things and shed crocodile tears
now that house is no more
It has become rubble

A thousand feet must have walked on it
Home is swallowed by the stream downhill
Maybe a sea of daffodils was birthed yesternight
As I sniffed little pillows
Or are chrysanthemums hovering over the rubbles
with its herby scent?

Can you take me home?
It was the smell of the one I love
The smell of freshly washed laundry or
Whiffs mixed with sweat and a crispy scent
It was the smell of comfort till I smelled
Now I smell sweat and stains of masked strangers
I’ll never see

I want to go back home
I’ve been running, maybe I’ll never find it
Since my home has been invaded
Thieves and joy killers
How they destroyed everything
my inner child called home.

I know I’ll find my home
Within me
Strongly built against intruders
The door
Anxiously waiting for my knock
The sofas
Craving long lost touch and feel

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