In Your Dreams

Is reality too scary for you?
Or you prefer to haunt in the dreams

Last night i saw you lurking in the dark of my soul
The path I fear to tread
Where I’ve been preyed on
You were there; waiting, watching
Like a predator, to pounce on my unwilling heart

You’ve always been here and there
Always moving not stopping
Now I see you
I smell your musky scent all over again
Strongly now since I feared to give it all the first time

Getting real with that old soul
Losing focus on bones
I dreaded cos it’s foul

Tell me my dreams
Cos you’re always in them
You’re in all the realms
I escape to hide my shame
Tell me my fears
I’ll stay and listen this time
stay with you Since you have the heart

Does our reality make you cower
Or you fear our love wanes?
Sometimes I do too
As silence grows when we’re in each other’s souls
I hate how it creeps its tearing fangs in us
Oh how I detests those moments

I fear not being able to reach your soul again

talk to me
Let’s damn reality
Stare at me like you used to
Those days when every moment spent with you seems like the first
Those days you wear my heart on your sleeves

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