God’s marks!

The scariest moment is two nights before I bleed

The more I dread the moment

The more I lose control of it

On days when I think I’ve mastered hormones

Are when I lash, latching on to the tiniest attention.

How do I handle this frail failing body?

that fails me with recurring aches

Just like the body weakens every blue moon

When the insides cave in, surrendering to throes

If my form won’t handle the stroke of nature

How will she give me a being i will love

Without borders or caution

Pouring in my love selfishly without guilt

Selfishly loving my form

Do you?

Even know the number of freckles on my body

Where they lay forming beautiful stains on her skin

Pretty little stains on weak thighs , tender fingers, pointed noses, arms, on hidden cleavage.

enchanting stains: God’s marks!

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