Sweet Sour Love II

Tastes creamy on tongues that were once burned

But quick tingles on her livid soul,

Sweet love!

It’s a strange taste, an unfamiliar emotion

Eating away her whole being

Gifting her a new form; a fragile soul

in the memory, once deadened

hate sprouts, its blackened roots spreading

Swift hate

It will cease reaching out to the new being

If only they know to spit it out quickly

Cutting its journey to this realm, saving souls

Deceitful love

like honey dripping out of the comb

Makes its way to the depths

Dipping her fingers in

Reaching in to drag it out: sweet and cold

As the tongue longs for the heavenly taste

Once more

To race against time for what is longed for but is ruined

Disturbing noises pushing farther into the sands of time

To search for the prize of her prime

Waiting anxiously at crossroads

Holding up her resolve

Knowing he has held on far too long.

The blazing flames that charred emotions

Reached it’s final moments

Tho’ the famished soul craves to be satisfy

Drawing in the flames, dying flames

that consumes time and passes swiftly

Like the whiffs quavering her strength

and will rise from the ashes once again to feel.

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