What are you afraid of?

I’m not scared of terrors of the night
The growling ghost under my creaking bed
The dark form in my shadows
I’m not afraid of the river that calls my name at the break of dawn
And beckons with glistening ripples at sunset
Not the lonely path maami sends me to fetch morning water

The path of my childhood with bushes that slap their branches across my face
Bushes with beautiful flowers
never afraid to suck the juice from wild flowers
Or to sit under the oldest dongoyaro tree ever seen
Tearing fallen lineated leaves to waste time

I’m not scared to walk this path with people I’ll never remember their faces ever again
Once I walked with a little child who told a story of a hidden beehive in the bushes
He also talked of a stream that flows only in dry season
Nudging me on to go far into the forest

Every person on this path have become blank faces
without eyes, ears or mouth
Some have their backs turned on the path as if in trance
While some walked with head bent over, not looking up

Ive never walked too fast on the path
My feet crack when I remember how I sunk them deep into the fluffy sand
While little birds hop joyfully on footprints in the sand

I’m only afraid of the memories of walking the path
Etched in my head…the darkness, quietness of noon,

and how many times I’ve walked the path alone
I’m afraid of the fumes going up into the skies that chokes
I’m afraid I might slip into the hot coals under the darkened roasting garri pan

I am scared of loving carelessly
Making a human my mirth
Touching unconsciously
Eating with the dulcet relish in the world
I’m scared of what I can do when the love I want is not enough
When the love is abandoned and left to rot, wilt and dry
I’m scared when the love I give becomes lifeless.

When the disinterest births a rage
Ripping the heart open with selfish claws
Does undying love hurts

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