Still dark waters

Shares a part of the stillness in our worlds

Only the leaps of the water beasts

Fit the nonstop thudding of the chests

Rotten leaves drop endlessly

As I walk through the path fearlessly

Hunting for a sign, any sign

a blind squirrel on my paths

Or a motley rainbow in the skies


A whistle brought them to the present

Sun rays peeped out of somber clouds

the wren that perched on the low branch

will lead them far away

and they will be lost forever


It was like the sun never shone

Like the laughers are never enough

Not lethal to overpower the darkness

Journeying in a world of incertitude


they felt the seer’s grim touch

In a struggle to cut the odyssey short

He angrily slashed the bodies

To let fiery roué into the waters


3.05 am

Misty and airy

The air that blew this morning

Remnants of places I’ve lived

Dry, cold, dark, and bright places

Everything happens slowly

You could see yellow butterflies

Over smoldering fire

Like a lost soul drifting endlessly.

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