In the Mega City

The beaming sunlight touched their tired faces.

Staring at the mundane life passing by without hope or luxury.

My wares lie neglected and dejected

The waft of aromatic food meant nothing to me

Yet they were once part of my memory

When beads of perspiration meant

The sale of the day and the journey ended in happiness

But the colours, the colours in my basket are the only rainbow, ever in my memories now.

The religious chants around temples and the murmurs of the running man that reach my ears meant nothing.

Rueful and ephemeral, i bask in melancholic certainty

The streets are paved with people with strange behaviors, eyes glued to their phones like a child who wanted the most delicious candy.

And would not let it go out of his sight

The hustle and bustle wear me out

Maybe the world needed my exit

But my dream still takes me into the

Mega cities where hope and a smile shone brighter than the sun.

cc: Nike & Grace Emmanuel

thagreccy- IG

Cover image: Phemie Flies

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