Bye 2020

As the year 2020 started, people made resolutions and had things laid down to be accomplished, I had plans too. 

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Meeting people is one of the things I still dread, because I already have parting envisioned before connecting. It is difficult when you meet people who are not so up to your expectations. At first, you feel such excitement that makes your heart flurry and heated, the next minute everything dissolves with the opposing vibes. 

2020 brought along people, some who were not meant for me. 


How do people get close to you, like you so much and will do anything for but would not want you to have what they do not have? And will then cut you off.  Maybe they never really did. 

Maybe they are meant to be lost, to be plucked of our lives. 

I never really got to post some of my writings on the blog. The emptiness keeps coming, that the poems and fictions are not worth putting up for public reading. I stare longingly at those word painfully bled out on paper and close the pages. 

I hope one day I am able to open those frayed pages and read the words out with light in my eyes. And I hope they bring out the shine in your eyes. 

But  I wouldn’t count anything as a loss in 2020 even though most of my plans did not work out.  

Surviving the year alone is a great privilege.


One thing I always long for is peace. Being at peace with oneself is a huge win with 2020 despite the pandemic that is not abating. 

A lasting win is having someone who’s got you for life.


Some people will use you for their own selfish interests as long as you put yourself down for them.

A good heart guarantees peace

Losing people that used to be close is normal. Not everyone is meant to stay with you for forever. 

Being cool is so underrated. 

Humans are complex. 

Conscience is like a mother in law whose visits never ends. 

Two of my friends also shared how the year 2020 went down.


When I think of 2020, it was that year I was going to win really big, it started well. I was feeling good and life felt full of promise. I wasn’t expecting to learn so much life lessons but it came  at me so quickly. Had so many rejections, heartbreaks and loss,I was in and out of the hospital and jobless with no money to my name and I felt this might be the last year for me but sometimes When you are down to nothing, God is up to something. Last day of me giving up, I got a job and then everything took a turn for good. 2020 taught me how to put myself first, how to show love and how to be strong. Dear 2020, thanks for been that year. Thanks for teaching me how to be strong, thanks for teaching me how to SORO SOKE, thanks for everything and goodbye. Welcome 2021!


2020 was a very great year for me, when I say great I don’t mean Careerwise I mean Emotionally I was so happy this year. I was stressed but was happy still, I didn’t use to find happiness easily so I am so glad that my joy was full. 


The woody smell of books, chocolates melting in my mouth and floral scents of perfumes kept me up in 2020.

I love silence.  And God.

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