2019 Recap: Gratitude

Not all classrooms have four walls!

Life is generally a learning space and it’s no classroom. 2019 came with a whole wheel of emotions, not-too good decisions, achievements, NSYC (Feyi said it’s a ghetto), more writings, some good money was made. In all I made and lost more friends than before. 

Here are the highlights of 2019

My writings- my editors

When I started writing, I just wanted to write my feelings, pains, joys and maybe personal stuff. But then I saw I could tweak some fictional stories into the personal ones. Mixing fiction into non-fiction seemed really interested and I enjoyed every story I wrote.

My editors through the years are some of the best humans 2019 gifted me. Ever ready to respond and work on my pieces even through the night most times. They helped me to improve too. #grateful

I used to think poetry is for deep thinkers, that poetry is something I couldn’t start nor try my hands on. 

Woke one morning and I felt really lazy to write a lengthy story, then I thought of breaking the lines into stanzas and here we are!

My reviews on artworks haven’t been so consistent even though I got more exhibition invites;but for the few ones I did, I’d love them,

But I need more inspiration… I should read more.


I started a podcast mid-2019 which I wanted to air every week, but I couldn’t, I just felt comme ci comme ca about it. 

I am awake now, I need to be on my podcast now. I should get co-hosts and guests, if you are interested indicate in the comments section.

Lost friends, made friends… no biggie

I can be so loyal in friendships and beyond. Even if we don’t seem so close, I remain loyal. Reading quotes about being an option to those you hold so dear is not enough. Try practicing it, it is much harder and difficult for people to let go of those they have “unhealthy” relationships with. Such relationships, most times, do not require closure, I believe. Closure and explanations aren’t necessary, just let it go.

Cherish your loved ones

Being loved and having someone root for you is the best gift one can have while living. When 2019 started, I was terrible at showing people that I love how much I appreciated their presence in my life. I loved the wrong people. I learnt before the year ran out that love is everything, anyone who loves you doesn’t care about any hindrances or reciprocity. But one should reciprocate, it’s the best gratitude.  

Going Out

 Even though I am antisocial and I suck at attending outdoor events. I made few outings; beaches, concerts (of course I finished reading poetry chapbook at the concert). 

I also got tickets to many events I didn’t show up for. At this point I need to apologize to Gracy and Yusuff Aina, I switched off on you guys more than once.


Many plans didn’t come through, many prizes remain elusive. In all, it is learning to accept those things for what they really are and forging ahead.

Failures, losses, heartbreaks, deaths happen for a reason.


I simply want to read more

Write more beautiful stories

Be happy

Show gratitude and love to whom due

Make the doe


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