Bustle From The Past II

chained to a rocking chair.

Each night same old shit
Buried alive under her emotions
now she watches the wall
she built to protect herself
collapse tonight.

lost, wandering,

bent staff in shaky clammy hand
Lies she’d told burnt her lips
Oh how!
how she had felt sorry
For burning too bright.

forgotten and abandoned.

She set herself on flames
To warm other people
Now she’s just ashes
Waiting to rise like a phoenix

slightly mad,
for age creeps behind fast
she grips on tighter and tighter
never forgetting she’s
always been the coke.
I’d rather not…

walk lonely roads alone.

She traveled the road to hell
in search of love
falling for monsters;
reuniting with demons
Tonight she watches them burnt.
I’d rather be …

old in body and kind at heart.
broken down once by a father
then by boys who will one day
be not worth a toss of the coin

be light.

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