Bustle From the Past.

Image: Thomas Colle

I’d rather not be

in a bug infested room

spilt milk on the rugs

black cats meowing.

Rocking to a sad, sad music

Filthy mice with moldy crumbs

from dark crevices

Reliving the bustle of her past.

I’d rather not

wander the streets

Lost in thoughts

Shuffling shriveled feet

Scavenging for leftovers

for broken pieces of youthful.

I’d rather not be

forgotten and abandoned

In my grandpa’s hut lies an orisha

Yellowing white and oil stained

shrine stinking of rotting meals

palm oil, boiled eggs, beans, and local gin

spurted blood from slaughtered animals

stayed reddish black on the mud walls.

I’d rather not be

known with tobacco stained scanty teeth

Reminding the little ones of the monster

that have little ones for breakfast

Using their fragile bones

to pick meat stuck hanging in their teeth

having their fresh reddish fluid as drink.

I’d rather not

have dialogues with spirits

reunite with the ones gone

whisper with hot afternoon winds.

Laugh as the sun cries heat

pointing scrawny fingers at nothing

and past happiness forgotten.

But I’d rather be

happy to wake up each mornin’

beaming bright light to people around.

Writing a life’s story in lightning

or a poem written in ink

gotten from gold.

30 responses to “Bustle From the Past.”

  1. Yet another riddle.

    The future. What will be, we really don’t know.

    I take the writer’s stance too, the desire for a better life. Yes, i’d rather trade an ugly past for a happy ending not vice versa. I’ll choose hope.

    “Ink gotten from gold”.

    Past experiences will become to me gold. A drive more than an anchor, it will fuel my pursuits. I’ll let my light shine today. Oh not just today, daily.

    I believe our best days are ahead not behind.

    Well done dear.

    May our hopes become realities


  2. I did rather be in a world surrounded with love in its impeccable form without worries of survival.. Couldn’t help but mimic ur writing prowess. Lovely.

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  3. This is so deep…
    I do rather be happy than walk the roads carved by ancient folks..

    I do rather be free than tied to the chains of ancient beliefs…

    I do rather die than live the life of another not mine…

    Thanks for this piece.. It was inspiring.

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  4. It’s a nice piece of work but can’t pin why it got me *sad* vibe type of way all through my reads and I read thrice but the feeling never lifted, prolly because I share the sentiments of the writer of who & what I choose and determined to rather not be.

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  5. A beautiful, sad rendition. At once it felt like writer’s disdain for old age and it’s ramifications, but like most artistic works it eventually enfolds into a reading that suggests writer’s resistance to the quiet, resigned and gradual wasting away of humanity at the end of life in favour of an active, engaging and motivating lifestyle associated with only the active, enlightened and perpetually productive minds.

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