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Trudging along the lonely track

dragging along a threadbare sack

that which leaves a bloody trail

years of pains borne on his bent shoulders

the soul has taken in too much

A bolt of lightning hit the ground

There was silence.


Gloomy shadows fell over the streets

Evening winds moaned into the roads

His weak soul longed to swirl in a dimension

Where winds rose to whistle into ears

And fall leaves rustling in the wind

Then the dogs wailed in the darkness.

There was silence.



Moreover, in the distance a brightly glowing lamp

Returned the memories of long-lost peace

Tears streamed down his shrivelled face

He looked up to the dark clouds

Clasping his thickly veined hands

He screamed: β€œHeaven, please.”

There was another silence


The wind blew the curtain strips apart

six strange eyes looked to the sentry

The wind blew in a gauntly MAN

Whose eyes danced wickedly to an unsung dirge

the curtain strips began their frenzy dance

There was silence


Slumped on the cold hard ground

The curtains parted

Smiling weakly at the boy

Whose body lay cold in the ground

Not wiping the sad tears off his face

A cat shrieked

There was total silence


16 responses to “SILENCE IN THE BROKEN”

  1. The silences are troubling.

    I’m not sure i’ve gained comprehension of this poem yet. My thoughts are all over the place.
    The old man in the first verse, the boy whose body lay cold in the ground; πŸ€”I need to connect these pieces.

    If you wont help me, i’ll read and read again till i come to full understanding of it. In my own time that is.

    I just could not wait to my instant view of the subject matter. Ohk! See yaπŸ˜‰

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  2. This is when the elements of the earth conspires to either put you in a state of phantasmagoria or reality. On this one, the elements of the earth were the obvious meddlesome interlopers which brought gloom, sarcasm and eventual enervation of the boy.

    P.S: love your metaphorical expressions. In fact, your usage of figurative language is dope.

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  3. Well, the troubles of life can be heavy on us and pull us down, knowing that we e can’t do it all by ourselves and calling on the Most Supreme being brings us peace, however, earth, no matter how rosy or tough it might be for individuals, we shall fall (die) one day and never to rise here on earth again, but in the afterlife where Peace can be eternal. What I drew out of your writing… Weldone, Boot Lady

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