My Name Isn’t…

Down the dark alley,
cold winds blowing through my hair
I hear a distant shrill
A stray cat maybe or an owl
Down the dark alley
The cold winds caress my sore shoulders
I hear a tugging again
Not a stray cat, it’s a human.

Through the dark alley,
His whispers mingles with the howling wind
He calls out and louder again
“Hey you”
I shuddered in the dark
Mumbling to myself
“Do not stop, keep walking”,
But my name isn’t “Hey you”.

In the dark alley
Near the dark house that stands aloof
I listened to the winds whispering in the shadows
Maybe he is a stray cat, lost in the night
Suddenly he leaps out of the dark
Dragging me with him into the shadows
I fought so hard to be freed
But he drags on

Inside the dark house
Shuddering under the covers
Now I’m freed but,
Not without bloodied scratches on my wrists
The stray cat will be back
I know
But my name isn’t “Psst you girl”

5 responses to “My Name Isn’t…”

  1. “…the night is dark and full of terrors.”
    Another lovely piece as usual… thrilling creepy suspense 😳. God bless you dear and Happy Birthday 🎈❗️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hmmmm! Birthday girl…thanks for taking us through some route you treaded in your growing up days: the mirages, fears, the unknowns and so many blurry illusions and finally the bitter experiences of life especially love, relationships, and the yet to come marriage; the challenges that come with it because all these are untested waters that the society expects one to have for good or for bad.

    Definitely the cat is a figurative character which might stand for man.

    Hbd adorable and future Literary Prize winner.

    Liked by 1 person

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