Next of Kin #2

In the quietude part of Ikoyi is an Art gallery, the Thought Pyramid Art Center. Majorly it collects, preserves and studies contemporary art of Africa. The beauty and elegance of the art collections is so appealing, while the lighting and the furniture exudes a relaxed, and aesthetic ambience.

Many young and enthusiastic art lovers were present to experience the second edition of the “Next of Kin” consisting of the exhibition and competition between figurative, realism, expressionism and abstract art works of ten talented artists…below is a video and pictures from the event.

To watch the video, click below

The gallery opens throughout this month in case you want to drop by.

96 Norman Williams Street, off Ribadu, Ikoyi, Lagos.

9 responses to “Next of Kin #2”

  1. Zaccheaus Muyiwa Rueben Avatar
    Zaccheaus Muyiwa Rueben

    Lovely art works

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  2. Anthony Wale Ogunyale Avatar
    Anthony Wale Ogunyale

    Sure this is one memorable one you have attended yet. Congratulations!

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    1. Thank you father
      You inspire


  3. This is really amazing, It will be nice to visit that place someday sha. Wehdon Rosie

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  4. Breathtaking, wish I was free….

    Nice update. Thanks Rosepetal

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  5. Born writer!!!! Every word just in the right place to give a perfect description!!

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