Top Eight Clichéd Break up Lines


imageBreaking up with someone is certainly one of the most difficult things to carry out. It is an intent to separate two hearts that used to beat for each other, to stop the flutterings in the chests, the butterflies-in-the-stomachs and the flushing of cheeks. Breakups get us teary, flush our emotions, drain our energy and break our hearts. It is not an easy thing to tell the other person that you no longer feel the way you used to feel for them, that you no longer want them in your space, that you feel it is better to let them go. However no matter how much difficult we feel breaking up is, the other person you are about to leave devastated would appreciate some honesty no matter how much hurt it will add to the present one. He or she at least deserves that little or much. I was going through the internet, just surfing and I came across an article that made a list of the eight popular clichés commonly used by people when they want to break up with their partner. My last relationship ended unappealing about two months ago. It’s quite “interesting” how almost all these clichés has been used on me by just one guy, just one. I don’t know who deserves the accolades but then in my mind I was like “damn, this guy’s really “cool” because it’s either he did his research on breaking up or he’s a natural but seriously, breakups ain’t cool.

1. You deserve better
This line is quite slick but then it’s also very sick. It makes the guy seems sorta cool to you. A guy will say this to make you feel he is really a bad match for you. It is a very weird compliment… “You’re too good for me”. I mean if I am that good, then why won’t you want me?. To crown it he’ll add the line “Whoever ends up with you is so lucky” …spits water…
Okay?! Seriously? A coward heartbreaker like you wouldn’t deserve someone like me really. But could you just stop trying to make me feel good after doing a very bad thing. Considering me and my love for words though I’ll just throw in a lil bit of sarcasm; “guess you’re immune to good luck right?”.

2. I need a little space, I think we should take a break
This will come from a confused guy who doesn’t know if he should walk away or stay. How long? Why? Getting back together? It usually leaves you with these questions and if voiced out he has no answer to them. It’s quite confusing and crazy. He is not bold enough to ask for a break up because he probably wants to go out there and explore, he also wants to keep his options open in case he’s not fortunate enough out there. Since you never broke up it kinda makes it easy to get back together, so girl you’re like a backup.

3. …silence…
This is the most awkward, lamest and dumbest attitude ever. Only cowards and immature guys do this…ignoring. It really messes up the other partner because you can’t help but feel the guilt that you did something wrong and worse off it’s killing that you don’t know what. That’s just weak. He can’t even make up an excuse even if it’s a flimsy one. You ignore me, I’ll confront you and make the breakup easier.

4. I’m just not ready for relationship now
This is usually from guys who are scared of commitment…Aquarius guys… because he doesn’t like you enough to make you part of his future plans. He’ll string you along, enjoy the moment but when it comes to commitment he’ll back out. It’s called being mean, selfish and hypocritical.

5. I like you too much
Somebody help!!!! Hollywood is to blame though, they sold us that line for a good while… guess what? this isn’t Hollywood so quit the act. You like me too much that you would prefer to leave me, toss me to solitude, and have me devastated, depressed, and sad. It doesn’t make sense. I mean who are you kidding? If you like me that much then we stick together. Truth is it’s not a crime to admit the truth that the only one you’ve ever loved is yourself. I get that!

6. I need to retrace my steps
Wow?! Incredible!! Have I been bad luck or something?? Or the times you have spent with me have been fruitless? Or you simply wants to go with someone else…who you think is better… I mean between you and me darling, you are clearly a waste of my precious time.

7. It’s not you, it’s me                          I would call any guy who use this line “smart”. He’s trying not to make you feel guilty and worried in a clever way. It’s the closest to being thoughtful and kinda makes him sound caring and responsible. It’s either he has a conscience or he wants you to let him go so peacefully.

8. Disappearing without a trace                                       This is very similar to the third excuse… Changing phone numbers, home addresses and the dodgy attitude is so creepy. I’d get worried over your safety first before the breakup thingy, so why not open instead of disappearing into thin air. Creepy and weird guys do this.


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10 responses to “Top Eight Clichéd Break up Lines”

  1. I am a novice in this field.
    I think those cliches won’t give the second party a timely closure(especially if (s)he has invested all of her/his being into the relationship) but from what I’ve heard and seen, people eventually heal, some turn out be better off without the ex.
    In my opinion, break-up is in no way a child’s play. If both parties or either of the two parties has been “dedicated” right from the onset, there is no easy way out. I mean, how do u tell a friend you don’t want to be friends with him again? Much more, a lover. I think it will be less of how the break-up was announced, what was said or the words used but more of the time wasted, memories shared , hopes nurtured and the future dreamt that is being shattered. We just pass out the aggression on the execution…
    May the hurt find healing and rejuvenation.

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  2. Kinda judgemental though, but most breakup are always fom the ‘he’, except a few times or when a lady is caught in any act.

    Sometime over time after breakup you discover the good part of your partner you had left (and by then she’s already over you) but always too late to get it back, and when you do, it must be sumfin really serious.

    No matter how hard breakups are, their are usually far better promising relationships ahead.


  3. Wow! Another block buster piece from our wanna be Nobel Laureate. This topic not only portray the cynism that goes along breakups but also explore and exposes some sinister motives involved in going into a relationship doomed albinitio. In fact, one can accuse the writer of bias because the issue of breakups isn’t solely marshalled by men. The “Kettle can’t call the pot black” in this case, especially this 21st century era of Women liberation. However, from an Afrocentric perspective, the Women seem to feel used and dumped unlike their male counterparts who stroll into the nearest Bar with friends to celebrate the feat of “good riddance to bad rubbish”. Most times the girl get it wrong because they easily fall for the lure of the relationship forgetting the saying that ” all that glitters isn’t gold”. A guy won’t mind spending a bit more without feeling “milked” as long as it gets her pants down. In most cases it’s a “Trophy” especially one just deflowered or “disvirgined” worth sharing/celebrating with “birds of a feather…” It’s imperative that when going into a relationship, the partners should cross their “Ts”and dot their “I”s, yet still applying the principle of “Calculated risk”.

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  4. Interesting! The first point is the commonet these days… To make u feel good, they tell u u are too good for them and dat u deserve a better guy, as if they are allergic to being good… Imagine a guy telling a lady he’s finding it difficult to let go after asking for a breakup o, pretending to be a victim too… Who’s he deceiving? . Biko, did u two sit down to deliberate on the breakup? When u knew it wouldn’t be easy, y initiate it in the first place?… Nawa o

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  5. Nice work!
    I still can’t help but wonder what happened to “honesty” though. But then, the truth about break ups still hurt. I’ll like to refer to these as avoidance tactics on the part of anyone-male or female ending a relationship this way.

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  6. There are so much pain we come across during break-ups and to get healed up over it is not easy.Buh d fact is we don’t have choice than make up our mind by loving ourselves, always be determined to be happy n have it in mind am better off without him /her so as to get over it soon bcos dere is no time limit for break ups healing process. It all depends on our stand.Well done Rose

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