Chronicles of a Lonely Heart 1: Bustle


Still in the first week of May. A month I look forward to with hope and optimism probably because it resonates with my name, or maybe because it’s my month yes i was born in May, or maybe because the word ‘May’ in itself signifies hope. Anyways this month must be positive. April held in itself few positives; dreams, aspirations, and plans most of which turned out unfulfilled.
I spent most of my days lazying about at home..more hours in front of the TV and less eating (never been a foodie). The only good part: I read a lot: old articles, poems, and then novels. I read more of romance novels (maybe too much) which I’m scared of doing again this month… After a while, I left romance for The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins… Katniss Everdeen inspires, she energizes me. Peeta isn’t my person. He’s sort of a recessive character. The person of Gale got me (maybe because I already saw the movie): strong and vibrant. I actually thought he will be Katniss’s partner in the hunger games but the odds aren’t in his favor. Getting to the thirtieth page in the Hunger Games novel…I got tired, then switched to Adichie’s Americanah (which I’m reading for the umpteenth time though) but then what can I say, I love paperbacks. I also love female characters in novels but Ifemelu’s indecision throws me off balance… I expected a strong-willed female character from Adichie because she’s a feminist. Ifemelu couldn’t decide on which guy to stay with, while she was with Blaine and Curtis she thought of Obinze who is married with a kid. Well, I wouldn’t say her thoughts are not feasible… African men abandon their wives and children to live with their girlfriends.
So for this month of Hope I’ll simply reconnect, do the things my heart wants to do:
I want to listen to good music. For the better part of April Simi’s “Complete me” has been my song (monotonous right? that’s April in a nutshell). I am willing to change that now. I’ll listen more to Pentatonix’s covers ( I love their cover of Havana). I really suck at dancing but I’m open to learning how to now.
I want to take more pictures, No, photographs, I believe they hold more value and strength than pictures (my thoughts).
I would like to take more trips, just to explore nature (if you know a good hiking route please let me know).
A part of me wants love, to feel my heart beat wildly for another… but then it’s just a distraction. Boyfriends are distractions.
So I’ll simply live more, not too much for myself but for others.

11 responses to “Chronicles of a Lonely Heart 1: Bustle”

  1. Hmmmm…finally the Cat is coming out of her bag. The thoughts are quite provocative and obviously the writer is part of those challenging the establishment instead want to advance the cause of feminism (which we differ though). The writer is no doubt expressive, bold and deviant. Expect to see more of a botherless and fearless highly intellectually engaging piece from this wanna be Novel peace recipient.


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    • Wow
      This made my month already 😊 but I wouldn’t want to go deeply into feminism just a writer who wants women to be treated right….
      Thank you Drs.


  2. Some cool 😎 goals you’ve got there dear.

    I could tag along with all of those but for dance, my rigid body will not allow me just yetπŸ˜πŸ˜‚

    That last sentence, there is our motto😍😍. Yes, we are d May-birthed, we see possibilities. May your very own worthwhile ‘distraction’ find youπŸ˜‰πŸƒβ€β™€πŸƒβ€β™€

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