…like arrows in the hand of a warrior

25 responses to “…like arrows in the hand of a warrior”

  1. Indeed, parents need to listen to their children. Not just their voice but their body language. We should also note that we are responsible for not just ours but children of others as well.

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  2. Loving piece parents need to adhere strictly to….A lot of children have been neglected as a result of lack of parental care….Children r not given to brag buh to tutor them in a way to have impact in God’s kingdom and bless humanity @ large…Help me God to be a good tutor to my unborn children

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  3. It’s a serious issue and there are many victims of this situation. I hope parents can be their children’s best friends and confidants, so that they will be free to tell to them anything.

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    • Yes it is…
      I always hope parents would focus on their children’s upbringing.
      Thank you for your valuable comment.


  4. It’s educative
    Pls maximize the publicity
    Thumbs up.

    Why the need for the churchy intro tho?
    My appetite wasn’t fully satisfied. Perhaps u could maintain a beautiful churchy closure.
    I also felt your views should come last.

    Thank you.

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    • Thank you very much๐Ÿ˜Š
      I appreciate ur comments. About the churchy intro… I got the inspiration in a church programme and in my subsequent posts there will be improvement. Danke!


  5. Lot is happening lately and alot of care and attention is needed to be taken, we can’t grow a pedophilitic generation, and keep saying all is well.
    I think we need more sensitization quiet simple enough for those kids to understand and assist in the fight against it.

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  6. Very wonderful write up.
    The Church look as thou it got inbetween, the write up I thought would end up with ur friend loosing up over her own abuse which she has kept for years but then the church made open a way to speak out….
    You going places keep it burning.

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  7. nice one dear…this is really an eye opener for parents. One should be attentive to one’s children. Hailing for you dear. well done and keep it up.

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  8. The World is now a global Village & it comes with havalache of alien stuff like pedophilia ( though some might opine differently). More so, the proliferation of pay TV stations in the country airing programs traditional or terrestrial TV stations in Nigeria wouldn’t air like the over glamourized & celebrated worthless morally bankrupt & debasing BBA or BB Naija can only fuel incidents like this. However, the punch line here is that pedophiles aren’t strangers but mostly someone close to you. Parents should make their kids their best friend(s) & shouldn’t shut them up because of what we call ramblings. Your kids can’t be smarter than you if you can just take a few moments to observe things because there would always be clues or trails. Ebony B you sure nailed this. Bravo!

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